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Friday Fast to Feed the Hungry

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Friday Fast to Feed the Hungry

Started as a facebook group of people concerned about world hunger.  Our facebook page is here

Have you heard that hunger happens not because of lack of resources in the world, but because we lack the political will to feed those who are hungry? If that's true, then how do we gather the will, demonstrate the will, to make it really happen? How do we stand in solidarity with those among us who don't have enough to eat?  A few of us decided to start fasting one day a week for 24 hours, skipping two meals, and donating the money saved to organizations who work to feed hungry people in the world. We vowed to do this until there are no more people like that. "Like" our facebook page if you want to join us, to fast a few times or many, or just to cheer us on and show your support of what we're doing.

Partners in Health is doing great work to support and accompany those in dire need in some of the most impoverished places in the world.  Because their approach is comprehensive, from health care to food supplements to agriculture projects, they're one of our favorite organizations to which to give. Please join us in giving, even if you aren't able to fast yourself!

Support Partners In Health

Thank you for joining me to support the work of Partners In Health. While the staggering problems of poverty, hunger and disease often seem so overwhelming that we dont know where to begin, I am taking action to support poor communities in Haiti, Rwanda, and other places around the world.

PIH's comprehensive approach focuses on the individual patients - doing whatever it takes to break the cycle of poverty and disease for every person and every community they serve. Every life matters, or in Haitian Kreyol tout moun se moun every person is a person.

The money raised through this page will go towards treating vicious diseases like malaria and tuberculosis, building homes for poor families, assisting farmers increase their crops, and treating malnutrition in children .

Whatever it takes comes in many forms - $5 can make all the difference. Thank you for joining me in my fight to bring global health equity to those in need.

Tatiana's Personal Message

I love PIH! For the last 25 years, this organization has been fighting the global medical community to get poor people treated as people. They've been incredibly effective in that time, getting the WHO to accept that sick people should be treated, even if they're poor, and not simply left to die. Formerly the recommendation of the WHO in poor countries was to spend 100% of the money on prevention and just leave people who are already sick to die. Now they recognize that treatment is both possible and beneficial, due mostly to PIH showing them it can be done and how.

They also negotiated with the drug companies to bring the price of AIDS and MDR-TB drugs down by 95%. This made treatment possible for millions more people. Anyone who can take on the health establishment and make a real change toward more humanity and equity has my backing. Thanks so much for your help!

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