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Launching Zanmi Dlo to battle cholera and diarreha in Palmary

Team Zanmi Dlo

We came back from Haiti at the end of January, in an upbeat mood :

In less than 2 weeks, we had launched our team, Zanmi Dlo (Partners for Water),  4 ZLP scholarship recipients from the local university UDERS Hinche: Wesly, Néhémie, Wadson and Jimmy - they were selected by their Dean, Father Jean HERALD. Guided by their chemistry professor and our coordinator Nélithe, they will initiate community cholera and diarrhea prevention work.

In line with United Nations « WASH » guidelines, core work of water sanitation at the village level involves specific steps and strong motivation to building latrines (1/family), protect and purify water, wash hands etc... 

Zanmi Dlo has initiated the groundwork for the first survey of 35 families (out of 92). Results show widespread motivation to improve hygiene and use of latrines. Families are so poor they can’t purchase cement or pay a mason to build a primitive form of toilet facilities. 

Existing water supply can also be improved and the local state water agency (OREPA) has agreed to guide our efforts.

Our Haitian friends are prepared to continue tackling multiple water issues - they need our help.

Please help us reach our goal with a tax-deductible donation by completing the Contributor form on this page. You can also send a check, make payable to "Partners in Health - Lavi Nouvo" and send to:

Christine Murray
c/o Molly Murray
1734 W. Crystal St
Chicago, Il 60622

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