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Fundraising Campaigns
Fundraising Campaigns
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Top 10 Participants (amount raised)
1. Sree Sreenivasan $6,591.12
2. Joanna Samuels $1,680.00
3. Jeffrey Edelman $1,305.00
4. Sujatha Bagal $920.00
5. Alison Falk $550.00
6. Mary Faith Mount-Cors $340.00
7. Jennifer Dorroh $180.00
8. Jane Pollard $160.00
9. Karalyn Dorn $160.00
10. Janet Stamatel $100.00

Gift of 40
A Social Media Project to Do Some Good

Each year, millions of people around the world celebrate their 40th birthday, but in places like Lesotho, the average life expectancy is under 40. A group of people have launched the Gift of 40 Campaign to change that. Read their mission statement.

40 is a Milestone

Turning 40 is not only an achievement, it is a gift--and a gift that was meant to be shared.

The Math is Simple

If 400 people get 40 people to donate $40 to PIH's work in Lesotho, we will have raised $640,000 - a life-changing amount for communities in rural Lesotho.

What You Can Do

Share the Gift of 40--start a fundraising campaign to celebrate your 40th year, whether it is an upcoming birthday or one that you have already celebrated. Ask your friends and family to donate. Tweet. And then pass it on--especially to others turning 40 who will want to help others do the same.

The twin epidemics of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis have devastated an entire generation of working adults in Lesotho, leaving a generation of grandparents caring for a generation of orphans.

PIH Lesotho is working to reverse this trend.

Donate to Gift of 40


  • Average life expectancy at birth: 38
  • TB patients co-infected with HIV: 76%
  • PIH health centers: 7 centers in
    4 districts
  • Village Health Workers based at these health centers: 974
  • For more info: PIH Lesotho