Help Improve Farming Practices


$60 will help one Haitian family improve farming practices and increase their food security.

Support one family in the Family Assistance Program of Zanmi Agrikol, which helps destitute families improve their basic household food supply. Typically, Zanmi Lasante has enrolled families of children who are being treated for malnutrition at a Zanmi Lasante site. Each family is assigned an ajan agrikol—a local resident employed as an outreach worker — who works with each family to boost their production of food. Practically, this means the ajan agrikol provides tools, seeds, training, and at least bi-weekly visits to families enrolled in the program.

By giving $60, you will help ensure that families whose children have faced malnutrition and undernourishment in the past increase the amount of food they can grow, eat, and sell — increasing family resources and preventing future malnutrition.

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